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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit mental health organization committed to supporting the whole child.

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  1. Raise awareness about mental health care amongst children, adolescents and their learning parents
  2. Break stigma surrounding mental health disorders, prevention and care
  3. Improve social-emotional skills (emotional regulation, stress management) in local children and teens, starting as early as we can

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We are determined to provide children, teens and learning parents with simple, actionable skills they can add to their social-emotional toolboxes.

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Our “Education about Bipolar Disorder” episode for “Supporting the Whole Child,” a child and parent series by the Taarika Foundation.

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What does it mean for us to feel and be whole?

How can we empower the young people around us to be the best versions of themselves: caring, resilient, and healthy?

These are the questions we attempt to understand and answer with each of our projects, creations, and partnerships.

Colorful Creations program uses art to teach students mindfulness

By Anika Nambisan

The Taarika Foundation, a local nonprofit that focuses on mental health in children and adolescents, recently gathered students for a back-to-school tie-dying event, an activity aimed at melding art and mindfulness.

The Taarika Foundation’s main objective of “Supporting the Whole Child” was accomplished in this event. The foundation conducted a number of Mindfulness Workshops and seminars to teach stress management tools, including Mindfulness for Teens and Parents, over the past three years.

To teach the skill of mindfulness to young children, the Taarika Foundation launched the program Colorful Creations, using art as a medium to teach mindfulness.

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