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October Events & Releases

  • World Mental Health Day (10/10)
  • Events: NAMIWalks SV (10/1), BDC Taarika Dandiya Fundraiser (10/2), Anxiety and Depression in Children with Learning Challenges – a Talk by Leena Khanzode (10/12), Back to School Tips for Parents and Students – a Panel at Blach Middle School, Los Altos (10/26)
  • Releases: Suicide Prevention Topic of the Month (10/1)

November Events & Releases

  • Events: Gratitude Painting Workshop (11/12), Chasing Childhood Documentary Screening (11/16)
  • Releases: Unfiltered Podcast Episode – Balancing Extra-Curriculars and School (11/11), Unfiltered Podcast Episode – Tips and Tricks for College Applications (12/25)

December Events & Releases

  • Releases: Unfiltered Podcast Episode – Christmas Traditions (12/15)

Recent Events

Gratitude Painting Workshop

Taarika held a super successful event November 12th!

We had an overwhelming response to our Gratitude Painting Workshop, with more than 60 kids. During the workshop they painted, taught by Divya Eby, a local art instructor! They also participated in a Mindfulness Gratitude exercise. 

All the art supplies were given to kids for free and were also provided with a brown bag with snacks at the end of the event. This project was supported by a grant by Los Altos Sunset Rotary Club. 

A big thanks to Colorful Moments Art School for their collaboration and our awesome youth volunteers for making this event happen just in time to get ready for Thanksgiving!

The workshop was featured on Sakshi TV, a Telegu news channel! Watch the clip here:

Chasing Childhood Documentary Event

Taarika in partnership with CMS PTO offered a free virtual screening for the documentary – Chasing Childhood – to 100 parents in the community followed by a well-attended panel with mental health experts on November 16th.

Help support Taarika in our NAMI fundraiser!

At the 2022 Bay Area Sevathon event, members of the Taarika youth team taught kids how to make mindfulness jars.

More recently, Taarika youth worked at a local Dandiya event. They taught children mindful rock art and spread information about mindfulness to local Bay Area parents and kids.

See the slideshow below for photos from both of these events!

South Asian Mental Health Conference

The Taarika Foundation participated in the South Asian Mental Health conference on March 20th. Some of our Taarika youth and adult ambassadors contributed to this conference by participating in a workshop to shed light on the vulnerable, and often unsaid, hopes and fears driving common parent-child communication cracks. They also talked about how to identify and explain some of the ways families attempt to respond to those conflicts, whether constructive or unhealthy, to bring providers’ understanding of the situation full-circle. 

Our youngest ambassador, at age 11, presented a poster on Anger management- “Angerometer – Anger to Angel”. She also shared her personal experiences with such a strong emotion and shared how she deals with it.

Here is the link to her poster slides presentation: Angrometer: Anger to Angel

Recent Testimonials

Our founder, Dr. Leena Khanzode, recently conducted a 8 session mindfulness series for tweens and received the following written feedback from the participants- 11-13 years old.

Latest YouTube Episode

The latest episode from our YouTube channel, “Supporting the Whole Child.” This segment is from our video series on mental health disorders with the SoCal-based not-for-profit, Saahas For Cause.

Latest Podcast Episode

Recent Media Features!

Learning Gratitude Through Painting

Taarika Foundation teaches the importance of gratitude through mindfulness and art.

By Anya Deshpande

On November 12, Taarika Foundation’s Five Senses Art Program led a painting workshop aimed at teaching the importance of gratitude through mindfulness and art. The event was supported by a grant from the Los Altos Sunset Rotary Club. 

On a brisk fall afternoon, children and parents gathered to create gratitude-themed paintings. Local art teacher Divya Eby of Colorful Moments Art School and a group of youth volunteers assisted the children with their creations.

An increasing amount of research supports the idea that mindfully practicing art can improve the brain’s function.

Anika Nambisan, India Currents

Foundation hosts Gratitude Painting Workshop

By Sania Khanzode

The Taarika Foundation, a local nonprofit that focuses on mental health in children and adolescents, held a Gratitude Painting Workshop in honor of Thanksgiving for children of all ages Nov. 12 at Serra Park in Sunnyvale.

Offered through the foundation’s Five Senses Art Program in collaboration with Colorful Moments Art School, the free workshop was supported by a grant from the Los Altos Sunset Rotary Club. The grant enabled the foundation to purchase all of the art supplies, provide the kids with a brown bag filled with snacks at the end of the event and offer the experience in the community at no charge.

The workshop – which aimed to teach children the basics of painting and practicing gratitude through mindfulness – drew an estimated 60 youth.

Colorful Creations Program Uses Art to Teach Students Mindfulness

By Anika Nambisan

The Taarika Foundation, a local nonprofit that focuses on mental health in children and adolescents, recently gathered students for a back-to-school tie-dying event, an activity aimed at melding art and mindfulness.

The Taarika Foundation’s main objective of “Supporting the Whole Child” was accomplished in this event. The foundation conducted a number of Mindfulness Workshops and seminars to teach stress management tools, including Mindfulness for Teens and Parents, over the past three years.

To teach the skill of mindfulness to young children, the Taarika Foundation launched the program Colorful Creations, using art as a medium to teach mindfulness.

Past Events & Releases

International Events & Workshops

We also conduct mindfulness sessions for underprivileged teens to manage academic stress among other things. The program on the left was conducted with the help of the Ray Foundation, in Pune on July 11th, 2018.  

Mom’s Belief & Taarika Foundation teach how to reduce stress & anxiety in kids & teens

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