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January Events & Releases
  • Mental Wellness Month, National Mentoring Month
  • TF Release: Education about Bipolar Disorder – Video Release – 1/15/22
  • Holiday: Global Family Day – 1/1/22
  • Holiday: Human Trafficking Awareness Day – 1/11/22
February Events & Releases
  • International Boost Self-Esteem Month, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
  • TF Events: TBD
  • TF Releases: TBD
  • Holiday: National Safer Internet Day – 2/9/22
  • Holiday: National Random Act of Kindness Day – 2/17/22
  • Specialty Weeks: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Feb. 21 – Feb. 27)
January 2022

Latest YouTube Episode

The latest episode from our YouTube channel, “Supporting the Whole Child.” This segment is from our video series on mental health disorders with the SoCal-based not-for-profit, Saahas For Cause.

Latest Podcast Episode

Our latest podcast episode, “Attitude of Gratitude,” is from our teen and parent wellness series, Mindful, Beautiful and Thriving. This episode, both anecdotal and informational, is about the research-proven positive relationship between gratitude and happiness.

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An increasing amount of research supports the idea that mindfully practicing art can improve the brain’s function.

Anika Nambisan, India Currents

Sunnyvale’s Taarika Foundation Supports the Whole Child

Colorful Creations program uses art to teach students mindfulness

By Anika Nambisan

The Taarika Foundation, a local nonprofit that focuses on mental health in children and adolescents, recently gathered students for a back-to-school tie-dying event, an activity aimed at melding art and mindfulness.

The Taarika Foundation’s main objective of “Supporting the Whole Child” was accomplished in this event. The foundation conducted a number of Mindfulness Workshops and seminars to teach stress management tools, including Mindfulness for Teens and Parents, over the past three years.

To teach the skill of mindfulness to young children, the Taarika Foundation launched the program Colorful Creations, using art as a medium to teach mindfulness.

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International Events & Workshops

We also conduct mindfulness sessions for underprivileged teens to manage academic stress among other things. The program on the left was conducted with the help of the Ray Foundation, in Pune on July 11th, 2018.  

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