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Q: What is the Taarika Foundation, in a couple sentences?

A: We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit mental health organization committed to supporting the whole child. Our mission is to raise awareness about mental health care, break stigma surrounding mental health disorders, and improve social-emotional skills in children and teenagers.

Q: What kinds of events and projects do we organize?

A: For more information to answer this question, please visit our Events, Releases & News tab.

Q: Who is the Taarika Foundation led by? What is our organization’s founding story?

A: The Taarika Foundation was led by Dr. Leena Khanzode, a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist running a psychiatric private practice in the South Bay Area. For more information about Dr. Khanzode and the rest of our team, please visit our Board Members page and our Youth Team page. You can find our founding story on the About Us tab.

Q: How can people contact the Taarika Foundation to join our team as a volunteer or to partner with our organization?

A: You can apply to volunteer with the Taarika team by accessing the Google Form at the bottom of this page and our Youth Team page. In order to partner with the Taarika Foundation, please reach out to us through our contact form or our email address ( We greatly appreciate your support!

Q: How can people contact us for more information about a particular project or resource?

A: In order to learn more about what you see on this website, please reach out to us through our contact form or our email address ( We love to hear from you!

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Please consider making a donation to the Taarika Foundation. Whether you give $1 or $100, your contribution is still going toward improving mental health resources and events in the South Bay Area community.

To be more specific, our donations are put toward 1) paying expert guests (psychiatrists, therapists, social workers) for their generous contributions to our podcast and YouTube series; 2) sponsoring low-income youth to benefit from paid SEL and mindfulness programs; and 3) organizing free and public mindfulness workshops, such as our Mindful Baking workshop last Christmas.


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You can find our application to become a Taarika Foundation Youth Ambassador here.

If you have recently filled out the volunteer application, please allow us 1-2 weeks to process the information and get back to you. Thank you for your interest! Please reach out to us through if you have any questions.