Youth Team

Youth team members at the Oct. 9th Mindful Walking and Yoga event we organized to support NAMIWalks.

Sania Khanzode—Podcast Lead

Sania Khanzode is a junior in high school and is very interested in supporting others throughout their mental health journey as well as learning more about mental health. 

Malavika Eby—Community Projects Lead 

Malavika Eby is a second-year college student who plans to study Psychology and Medical Anthropology on the pre-med track. 

She loves working with Taarika Foundation because she believes mental health education is integral to empowering young people to feel healthy, whole and fulfilled. Malavika is hopeful that with enough interventional resources at a young age, we can inspire a whole new generation of people who prioritize character growth and health above status, accomplishment and more surface-level displays of happiness. 

In her free time, Malavika enjoys drawing, crocheting, dancing, singing karaoke with her sister, and writing about her interests.

Krupa Shanware—Website Lead

Krupa is a senior at Monta Vista High School. She volunteers with the Taarika Foundation because she’s deeply invested in public mental health and wellbeing, and enjoys learning and contributing to Taarika’s goals of youth mental health.

Currently, she is president of the volleyball club and plays on varsity at school. In her free time, she loves painting, reading, and spending time with her friends.

Anya Deshpande—Marketing: Graphic designer 

Anya Deshpande is an ninth-grader who loves dancing and art. She likes to help people and talk to them. She also loves to travel, explore, and learn new things. Her skills include making flyers and newsletters and creating podcast episodes and videos on mental health. In school,  she is a part of the Leadership Class, which is her school’s active student body. 

What she enjoys about the Taarika Foundation is that it helps so many people. She really values education and the mental health field for its contributions to our wellbeing. She hopes that her contribution to the Taarika Foundation will do good for the world.

Vihaan Parekh—Treasurer

Vihaan is a junior in high school and has a natural voice that commands a room! 
He feels awareness for mental health is an important matter in the world we live in, and he’s excited to play a part in spreading mental health awareness through the Taarika Foundation. 

In his free time, he loves to play the piano and tabla. He also loves to sing.

Seerat Dang—Podcast Editor

Seerat is a middle schooler and enjoys bringing her ideas to life with determination and courage. She is intrigued by emotional health in kids and believes in enjoying every moment. She launched a monthly newsletter for Sunday School and started a series of clubs for Sunday School, focusing on learning from each other. She is also a Junior buddy in the Summer Learning reading program. 

She loves sketching and experimenting with all sorts of paints and assembling many IKEA furniture pieces with a small Swedish gadget! Her recent project is a makeover for her porch. Seerat has a passion for exploring hiking trails and heading to new beaches. She can be found by the fireside with s’mores or planning for her next adventure.

Divya Venkataraman—Secretary

Divya Venkataraman is a high school senior with a passion for mental health that motivates her to advocate for emotional and mental wellness through the Taarika Foundation. 

She enjoys contributing to a cause that helps such a large audience of adolescents and hopes to both spread awareness about mental health and make a difference in peoples’ mental health through her ideas and efforts. 

Divya enjoys participating in scientific research, public speaking, traveling, piano and dance.

Soven Saste—Podcast Creator 

Soven Saste is a junior who wants to help people with their mental health and make a difference.

He wants to spread knowledge about mental health to the public and erase the stigma about mental health disorders.

He hopes to use his skills to help the Taarika Foundation spread its message and reach more people.

He likes to mountain bike, hike, swim, play with his dog, and play the piano. He also loves sports.

Neil Hadap—TikTok Co-Lead

Neil is a senior at Monta Vista High School, and believes that spreading awareness about mental health by volunteering with the Taarika Foundation is extremely important, especially for young people.

Having struggled with mental health on my own, he believes it is critical to educate people on how beneficial mindfulness is as well as how mental health plays a critical role in our wellbeing.

Outside of school he is interested in taekwondo, technology, traveling, watching tv, spending time with his friends, and playing with his dog Rocky.

Mithila Chaudhari—TikTok Co-Lead

Mithila is a junior in Monta Vista High School. She joined Taarika to spread awareness about mental health and break the stigma that surrounds it. She is excited to help others through their mental health journeys and help Taarika reach its goals.

In her free time, she plays competitive volleyball outside of school and varsity volleyball in school. She also likes to read, draw, do taekwondo, watch TV, play with her snake, and spend time with her friends and family.

Syria Floyd—Podcast Creator

Syria Floyd is currently a junior in high school in Texas.

She’s interested in majoring in psychology when she goes to college and becoming a psychiatrist in the future.

She’s excited to help with Taarika’s mission and learn more about mental health.

Ishanvi Deodhar—Marketing—Graphic Designer

Ishanvi is currently a seventh-grader at Cupertino Middle School. 

She has been training for Kathak dance since the age of 6 and loves to showcase her talent at various cultural events. Painting is her other favorite art form, providing creative expression and mental relaxation.

She is known to make friends easily and is an excellent team player. She believes that EQ is as important as IQ in today’s age, values that truly match the mission of Taarika Foundation. Ishanvi has joined hands to practice and raise awareness on mental well-being in her community.  

Anika Warrier—Podcast Editor

Anika Warrier is currently an eighth grader at Ralston Middle School. She believes in raising awareness about Mental health by volunteering with the Taarika Foundation. Outside of school, Anika is a Girl Scout and enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and dancing.

Some other activities she enjoys are baking and playing with her dog, Trooper!

Sana Buty—Communications—Newsletter Editor

Sana is a 9th grader who strives to make a difference with Taarika Foundation. She enjoys working with other people and is excited to help Taarika achieve its goal.

She hopes that she can make an impact with Taarika Foundation and enjoys being a part of the youth team. 

Outside of Taarika, Sana loves to travel, play golf, play softball, sing, and spend time with her family and friends.

Sufee Kathane—Communications and Community Partner Lead

Sufee Kathane is a dedicated and passionate middle school student. She has a deep appreciation for the impact a supportive environment can have on a child. She aims to making a positive difference through her involvement with Taarika Foundation.

As the leader of student government and the environment club at her school, Sufee is driven to make a lasting impact for future generations. She believes in the power of youth to drive development and is committed to using her skills and passion to make a change.


You can find our application to become a Taarika Foundation Youth Ambassador here.

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