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Inspiration for New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of each new year, January signifies change and turning over a new leaf as many create New Year’s resolutions such as having a balanced diet, dedicating time to hobbies, working out at the gym, or even arriving at school on time. With the prioritization of work and education in many people’s lives, self-care takes a backseat to hustle culture as we are pushed to our limits.

However, with many awareness campaigns promoting January as Mental Wellness Month and National Mentoring Month, the importance of caring for our mental wellbeing while helping others is slowly becoming normalized. Mark the following dates on your calendar so you can follow along and stay updated as well!

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Mental Wellness Month

Mental wellness affects all aspects of our lives; from how we act and make decisions to how we are feeling on a certain day, maintaining a healthy mindset is key to living a healthy life.

As the American Mental Wellness Association suggests, health can be improved in four dimensions of our life: the biophysical, social, spiritual, and psychological. For a New Year’s resolution, you can choose any of the following fields to improve upon as there are a myriad of suggestions available. 

  • Improving biophysical health can consist of adopting a healthy diet consisting of correct calorie intake and receiving nutrients from all five food groups to help reduce excessive stress and avoid physical illness.
    • Other ideas: Regular exercise, Restful sleep, Avoiding illegal substances  
  • Improving psychological health can consist of practicing self-care, which is divided into seven categories: sensory (taking a hot shower), pleasure (watching a movie), spiritual (meditating), emotional (journalling), physical (stretching), social (volunteering), and mastery (cleaning). It is recommended to perform self-care for a minimum of half an hour per day. Self-care will look different for everyone, so engage in an interesting activity you would enjoy!
    • Other ideas: Avoiding burnout, Avoiding perfectionism, Mindfulness
  • Improving social awareness can consist of surrounding yourself with an active support system that will provide stability, encouragement, and advice when you are in need of it. Support systems can include anyone, but always remember to reciprocate the support that you receive!
    • Other ideas: Maintaining a positive environment, Committing to a sensible number of events
  • Improving spiritual health can look like having a set of healthy, realistic dreams and aspirations that keeps you motivated and encourages you to keep moving forward. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your current goals when they feel like they are unrealistic!
    • Other ideas: Good set of morals, Belief in a higher being

For more ideas, check out The American Mental Wellness Association » Staying Healthy.